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Hydro +

Multi - Molecular HA Serum

What we do?

Conscious Chemist offers you the best of both worlds, it came into being when nature and science joined hands. Every element derived from nature may not be efficient just because it’s ‘natural’. However, when nature’s abilities are intelligently harnessed, it creates the perfect balance of active ingredients and botanical extracts. Our products are designed to deliver ace efficiency, and help achieve the healthy skin of dreams. We aim to provide you with the premier Skincare regime.

Every ingredient is carefully chosen to work in ideal synergy. We intend to develop the most potent formula for your skin, combining active ingredients, anti-oxidants, nutrients, botanical extracts, et cetera. Our products are free from harmful toxins, fragrances, toxic chemicals, treating your skin with utmost care. We preach transparency, completely disclosing the products’ formulas. We intend to create products that look after your skin’s future rather than provide short-term instant results.

Our products are never tested on animals, avoids the usage of any toxins, are ethically produced, and uses only sustainable packaging. We intend to care for the environment as much as we care for you. We are constantly ideating and working towards making our practices more eco-friendly and sustainable.