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Hydro+™ | 3% Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum | Hydrates & Plumps

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We know that you care.

By choosing Conscious Chemist, you choose products that are safe, and effective. How? Because, while we understand the power of nature, we engage with it intelligently. We trust the natural, but we give you what is “clean”. We have created a balance, by using scientifically balanced combinations of ingredients that are bereft of toxins, and are completely safe –– for you, and for this planet.

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Safe For All

Conscious Chemist products are designed for all - potent across all genders, ages and skin types. We never use artificial fragrances or irritants. Always free from sulphates, parabens and microbeads.

conscious chemist's eye treatment serum with encapsulated caffeine and powerful peptides

None of our products are or will ever be tested on animals. Protecting nature and its elements is at our core.

featured conscious chemist's porology toner with natural AHAs and kombucha
Environmentally Conscious

We package our products in glass bottles and never use non-recyclable plastic packaging.
We continuously strive towards improving sustainability of our products, packaging and supply network.

Better Together

Simple Routines. Super Saver Combos.

The Magic Duo | Night & Day Face Serum | Brightens, Exfoliates & Repairs

Rs. 1,599.00Rs. 1,649.00

True Glow Duo | 10% AHAs | Exfoliates, Even Skin Tone & Texture

Rs. 1,399.00Rs. 1,465.00

The CTM Essentials | Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize

Rs. 1,895.00Rs. 2,155.00

The Gentle Duo | Cleanse & Moisturize

Rs. 1,545.00Rs. 1,645.00

The Green Goodness Kit | Cleanse & Moisturize

Rs. 1,899.00Rs. 2,135.00
Part of your purchase goes to support marine conservation programs in Indian Ocean.

All our formulations are and always will be 100% micro-plastic free

we are committed to preserve marine ecosystems

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