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Clean Beauty: Sustainable Swaps To Make In Your Beauty Routine

by Conscious Chemist on October 03, 2022

With each passing year, SDGs come into more focus in the world; their need only increases with passing time. The climate crisis – most importantly being one of them, seems large and multifaceted to overcome. But it being a herculean challenge, what choice we make as an individual particularly matters a lot and affects the steps we take as a community. While it might feel like a single person cannot take on this ponderous responsibility, it is to be noted that every little step is better than one not taken. 

In that spirit, one such aspect is the beauty industry. It is amongst the largest polluters in the world and so you have to be a lot more careful with the quality and sort of products you choose and whether or not they end up in a landfill when you are done using them. 

Most people like to believe that they would have to go expensive when they are making such swaps and the other half likes to be unaware of such issues because who does not love a haul? But, considering the current situation of the world at large, it is about time when we start making smart choices and comprehend the adversity of our decisions. 

In fact to debunk the myths, a lot of beauty brands are now making sustainable shifts without having to switch consumers’ comfort by providing eco-friendly services in an easily accessible manner. 

The alarm clock to save the environment is now ringing and it is clearly the time for everyone to wake up. And for you to take part in protecting the nature, here are a few smart swaps you can do on a personal level that are going to transition your beauty routine into a more sustainable one (remember-one step at a time always) : 

Check If The Bottles Are Recyclable

Fancy bottles are likely to be more purchasable but are they recyclable? Make sure to check if they can undergo the recycle process. With more awareness and consciousness, a lot of beauty brands are making sustainable swaps. But at the time of your purchase, you make the final choice if you wish to promote the brands that are more sustainable and eco-friendly in nature of operation or not! Consider stopping the usage of brands that promote products which involve harmful ingredients capable of harming the environment. 

More than ever, innovation is at the peak today. We have options to go for 100% recyclable plastic, glass and aluminum bottles and what not. Even when it comes to delivery packaging, sensible brands are focused on making absolute zero-waste delivery initiatives that provides complete sustainable packaging. So circling back, simple collective decisions strongly reflect how our tomorrow is going to be!

Beauty That Gives Back

One thing you have to be mindful about is the conscious brand selection for your products. So if you need a moisturizing cream someday, you need to identify which brand is making an effort to go that extra mile be it in terms of packaging or ingredient sourcing and support it to support the right causes of the brand. As it is said ‘drop by drop, an ocean is filled up’ which truly translates into when each person extends their hand in choosing the right conscious brands then only we will be able to attain a greener place to live in.

Single-Use Products Are No Fun

While it can feel really cool and easy to swab your face with single use wipes and just whip them off when you are done but what they do the environment is really uncool. They lead up to 93% of sewer blockages, now imagine! Even when you are planning that oh-so-relaxing sheet mask night, you must know that it is no different from the wipes family. And it is not like we do not have alternatives to them. We are damn sure a hot cloth cleanse would be much more relaxing and effective than the wipe-off thing. There are numerous options available for the face masks as well so it is high time we go all in for cleaner and eco-friendly alternatives!

Use What You Already Have

With the craze of going all eco-friendly, a lot of times you can get pumped up to throw away what you already have and reset it all by buying new environment friendly products. BUT NO! While it is good to have a hit by wave of realization; it is also really not wise to dump the products without finishing them off. Well yes, we want you to choose planet friendly products but first just finish what you currently have and then move onto swapping them with sustainable items.

Oftentimes, with makeup, when people order it online and do not find the beauty product to be a fit for their skin color they tend to just throw it off. Why don’t we consider it thrifting them now that we have a lot of options and accessibility to do so? The basic idea is to complete a product’s cycle of usefulness before we make a purchase of anything new!

Less Of The Product

We are sure you love lathering that moisturizer but it is advised to reduce your consumption to as per required. We totally stress on ‘less is more’ ideology, hence, we recommend using bottles that drip out the product in small quantities or formulations that can afford to have spray bottles which can regulate the usage quantity. 

Eco-friendly or not, longevity and exhaustion of the beauty product is something you can master and the more you extend it, the better it is for the planet and our people. So if an item from your end could have ended up in landfill once a month, it must be ending up there twice a month if you are using the product excessively. We are sure that you must think about who puts light on such things but the choices you make everyday really add up to the sustainability circle.  


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