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How Much Sunscreen to Use Everyday

by Conscious Chemist on October 03, 2023

As conscious individuals, we are well aware of the significance of sunscreen in safeguarding our skin against the detrimental effects of the sun's UV rays. It acts as a barrier, preventing sunburn, premature aging, and more severe complications such as skin cancer. Therefore, it is imperative to incorporate the use of sunscreen as a part of our daily skincare routine to maintain healthy and glowing skin. But, here's the catch - using sunscreen isn't just about applying a dab on your face and calling it a day. There's a science to it, and the right amount makes all the difference. 

Redefining Sunscreens

At Conscious Chemist, we're not just about sun protection; we're about redefining the sunscreen experience with innovative textures, formulations, and packaging that make it both fun and reliable for guaranteed results. Before we dive into how much sunscreen you should use on your face, let's take a quick peek at some of our top sunscreen products

Imagine a sunscreen that not only provides SPF 50 PA++++ protection but is also combined with niacinamide and a berry complex. Our Berry Bright Sunscreen is a game-changer for those looking to nourish and protect their skin. With a hybrid formulation suitable for most skin types and concerns, it's your ticket to ultimate sun protection. 

You've probably seen influencers raving about this one with its distinctive yellow packaging. SunDrink Sunscreen, enriched with ceramides, not only shields your skin from the sun but also provides a hydration boost. Formulated with SPF 50 PA++++ and our hybrid formula, it's a cult favorite and a must-have for anyone chasing that festive glow. 

Feeling the vacation vibes? Our limited edition Unwind Sundrink Edition of the SunDrink Sunscreen is perfect for your holiday escapades. It boasts the same fantastic formulation and luxury texture but with the added benefit of being water-resistant. So, you can enjoy your time in the sun without worry. 

Looking for a sunscreen that's also a fantastic makeup base? Look no further than our ClearShield Sunscreen. This silicone sunscreen not only blurs out pores but also primes your face beautifully. With its invisible texture, it leaves no white cast and can be used under makeup for a flawless canvas. 

Now that you're acquainted with some of our top-notch sunscreens, let's get into the nitty-gritty of how much sunscreen you should use on your face. 

How Much Sunscreen is Enough?

Contrary to popular belief, a small dab of sunscreen on your face won't cut it. The key to effective sun protection lies in using the right amount. Here's a general guideline: 

  • For Face Alone: A dollop of sunscreen about the size of a nickel (around 1/4 teaspoon) should suffice. Be sure to spread it evenly across your face, including your ears, neck, and any exposed areas.

  • For Face and Neck: If you're also covering your neck, use a bit more sunscreen, approximately 1/2 teaspoon in total.

  • Reapplication: Don't forget to reapply every two hours, or more frequently if you're swimming or sweating. For reapplication, the same amount as your initial application should do the trick.

Wondering what to choose between chemical or mineral sunscreen?

The debate has been ongoing, but what if you could have the best of both worlds? That's where our hybrid sunscreen formulations at Conscious Chemist come into play. We've redefined sunscreen by combining the benefits of both chemical and mineral sunscreens. 

The result? 

Sunscreens that provide superior protection against harmful UV rays without the drawbacks. With Conscious Chemist's hybrid sunscreens, you get zero white cast, ensuring your skin looks natural and radiant. Say goodbye to the heavy, greasy feeling that some sunscreens leave behind – ours are designed to be lightweight and non-greasy, so you can apply them effortlessly. Plus, they seamlessly blend into your skin, making sun protection a breeze. No more worrying about clogged pores or piling on product.

We understand that sunscreen can sometimes be a hassle, but with the right amount and the right products, you can easily make it a part of your daily routine. So, whether you're using our Berry Bright Sunscreen, SunDrink Sunscreen, Unwind Sundrink Edition, or ClearShield Sunscreen, rest assured that you're giving your skin the protection it deserves.

In a world where skincare meets science and innovation, we are here to make sun protection not just effective but enjoyable. Our commitment to textures, formulations, and packaging that are both reliable and fun is evident in every product we create. So, go ahead, enjoy the sun, and protect your beautiful skin with Conscious Chemist. 

Remember, the key to healthy, radiant skin is to embrace sunscreen as your daily ally, and Conscious Chemist is here to make that journey nothing short of amazing. 

Cheers to glowing skin, sun protection, and endless confidence! 


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