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Spots 101: What Do Your Facial Spots Mean?

by Conscious Chemist on October 06, 2022
facial spots

To start with, what do menstrual cycles, unhealthy eating habits, pollution and bad lifestyle have in common? The worsening effects they have on your skin, mainly your face, of course! From blackheads and pimples to dark circles and spots, your face is quite probably the most easily affected part of your body. If you have very specific spots on your face and are wondering what has led to them, and how you can then WORK on them to lessen their impact or remove them entirely, you’ve come to the right place!

With a deep analysis of the various zones of the face, we’ve mapped out all of the areas for you with extra detail on what could be causing their blemishes. Additionally, we have also collected some hopefully helpful suggestions so you can work on them with adequate knowledge. 

Calling Out The Forehead Spots

While this could be due to very recent threading, make-up residue or other temporary issues, forehead spots also point towards dehydration and over-consumption of either alcohol or meat, or both. They are also insanely annoying and destroy your mood to the extent that you end up feeling too low to be looked at by others, in fear they'll see only your forehead and run away. 

Fortunately for you, we know exactly how you can deal with them. First and foremost, keep yourself hydrated at all times (even if you have a very oily skin, yes), eat fresh veggies, bank on the greens especially, ensure you're getting all the right nutrients and check your makeup products to confirm that they actually suit your skin.

Forehead spots also result from dry skin, built up by the excessive sebum and dead cells clogging your pores. A hydrating face wash, equipped with just the right combination of ingredients that are nice to the skin, might extend the help while dealing with such skin issues! Not only will it balance out the hydration of your skin but also bid goodbye to your annoying forehead spots.

Coming To The Cheek Spots

The amount of times random pimples, or even hot spots, just pop up on our cheeks is genuinely unbelievable and SO annoying when you have an important event to attend and suddenly, you’ve a lot more to deal with than you had planned for originally. They can be caused due to a whole variety of reasons, such as genetics or the environment and many other issues different from each other.

Have you been sleeping on the same (definitely) dirty pillow cover? Did you just get your face waxed? Have you been getting too much sun? Do you consume sugar or dairy products too often? If your answer is yes to any of these, give your skin some time-out. Cut back on the activity that you think is at fault for a bit, use light skin products and maintain your skincare regime and you should be fine in a while. If not, hydration is your one-step solution to everything. Drink as much water as possible, whenever you possibly can. 

Go to a dermatologist if the problem seems to worsen anyway. It could also be due to an undiagnosed hormonal imbalance and it must have led to other promising issues too, most of which you might not realize because they are based internally until they choose to manifest. 

Spots On Nose And Everything In-Between

Spots near your nose or in-between your eyes usually result from a breakout, lack of greens in your diet or, sadly, late-night eating. Does that mean no binging on tempting potato chips while watching Netflix at 3am? Sincere apologies but the answer is a dejected yes. While we’d suggest you don’t stay up that late for your skin’s sake either, it’s a little impossible to not be a night owl these days. Instead, try to not eat when the moon is at its peak and you should be good.

Additionally, please keep track of the make-up products you’re using. They can make or break your face game and the change is too glorious to be ignored.

Finally About Chin and Jawline Spots

Have weird cysts and spots on your jawline or near your chin? While the former has a lot to do with the kind of diet you consume (we’re talking about cookies and microwavable ready-in-2-minutes meals), the latter is more or less dependent on your menstrual cycle.

 So, you can easily manage the little devils on your jawline by simply improving the quality of food you eat (consider replacing unhealthy sugary items with healthy sugary fruits) but the same cannot be said about the ones near or on your chin because mother nature is biased and bossy and there’s nothing we can do about it:(

Solutions? Solutions.

Forgive us but we’re going to be a little old-fashioned and list all the shoulds and shouldn’ts you’ve probably heard too often now from your elders but it is what it is *shudders*

  • Obviously drink more water! Hydration genuinely affects the entire map of your skin and your body. It cleans your skin from the inside, unclogs your pores and gives you a super healthy glow so why need a highlighter when you can drink water?

  • Eat! Healthy! Food! Seriously. Pay attention. Consume green veggies, nuts, spinach (like Popeye), mustard and flaxseeds, and lots of beans and you will know this is so much more than just a repetitive advice. Pinky promise. 

  • A nice suitable toner also helps and if you’re looking for suggestions, we highly recommend you our exfoliating face toner. We are obsessed with it because not only will it give you an absolutely blissful skin texture but also take care of the various needs it has.

However, ultimately, if the issues continue and your skin refuses to improve regardless of how much time and care you are giving to it, consider going to a dermatologist and figuring out what might be causing it so you can deal with it more specifically and particularly. 


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