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Face serums: Benefits, how to choose & use them

by Conscious Chemist on October 25, 2021


What's The Buzz Around Face Serums? What's In It For Me?


As the market is flooded with face serums, it is natural for you to mull over what the fuss is all about. More importantly, you need to know what’s in it for you!

Let’s get down to it. A serum is a must-have skincare product that can tackle most of your beauty concerns and bestow your skin with a youthful, blemish-free, and gleaming radiance.


Whether your skincare regime entails five steps or ten steps, face serum is undoubtedly non-negotiable. And, once you include it in your skincare routine, you are sure to wonder how you ever lived without it!

With this buzz around face serums, your mind must be muddled with several questions like- when should you use it? How do you use it? 

Keep reading to get answers to all your lingering questions and learn how these dainty bottles of face serum can transform your skin like a dream. 

What is a face serum?

Before we delve into the details about face serum, let us understand what exactly this wonder product is. 

Perhaps you might be already following the standard CTM skin-care regime that entails cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. And, it’s natural for you to wonder where exactly the role of face serum comes into play.

As explained by various skin-care experts, serums are skin-care products that deliver large concentrations of distinct active ingredients to the skin.

There are several types of serums available in the market that address different beauty concerns, ranging from dark circle removal to hyperpigmentation, acne management to anti-ageing, hydration to skin brightening, etc.

Now, the next obvious thought is, I am already using a moisturizer, so why do I need a face serum for nourishment?’ 

If you use a face serum, you will notice that they are usually lighter than a regular moisturizer as they are clear, and available in liquid or gel-based form. Thus, the active molecules can be quickly absorbed by the skin. Also, owing to the higher concentration of active ingredients, it takes less time to witness visible results. For this reason, a serum needs to be used just after cleansing and toning. But you also need to seal the serum to maximize the benefits, which is why a face cream or moisturizer cream is the next logical step.

How does a face serum benefit your skin?

When we talk about face serums, there are plenty of options available in the market. If you pick the right one, a face serum can effectively tackle your skin concerns and impart a healthy and beautiful glow to your skin.

So, here’s a Quick Look at Some of the Biggest Benefits of Using a Face Serum.

  • Face serums are extremely light on your skin

Face serums comprise light skincare formulations and are available in liquid or gel form. They don’t make your skin look oily or greasy.

  • It is easily absorbed by the skin

The salient attribute of a face serum is that it entails a lighter skin-care formulation as compared to a moisturizer. This makes it easier for the skin to absorb the active molecules in a face serum. So, after cleansing, follow it up with a serum and then moisturize.



  • It helps to keep your skin hydrated

The active molecules in serum can indeed penetrate the skin and hydrate the deepest layers. On the other hand, many heavier creams work on just the top layers. So, a serum can be used to boost the hydrating effects of your moisturizer.

  • It can help treat redness, pigmentation, and wrinkles

Serums, in general, contain vital antioxidants including vitamin A, Vitamin C serum, and Vitamin E, topical retinoids, and other ingredients that can rectify uneven skin tones. Serums, when used in combination with moisturizers, can help treat redness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, and even act as a dark circle remover.

  • It can protect your skin from harmful UV rays and other pollutants

UV rays and the prevailing pollution can cause oxidative damage to your skin. A serum forms a protective layer on your skin and averts further skin damage and premature skin ageing. 

  • Face serums are suitable for all skin types

Serums can help soothe even the most sensitive skin. So, whatever our skin type, dry, oily, acne-prone, or combination, there’s face serum that can help tackle your skin concerns.

How to use a face serum? 

If you wish to get into a healthy and precautionary skin-care regime, make serum an indelible part of your routine. So, after cleansing, a serum should be applied as the base layer on your skin. 

Next in line would be the moisturizer cream, sunscreen, or any other make-up product, depending on your skin and requirement. 

Your skin will respond to the serum, depending on the type of skin and its current state. It might take a few days or a couple of weeks for you to see a visible difference in your skin. Nonetheless, after persistent usage of this incredible product, you might observe your skin to be more hydrated, supple, healthy-looking, and naturally radiant.

What serum should I use?

There are different types of face serums designed to target specific skin concerns and impart a healthy and radiant glow to your skin. Conscious Chemist has a broad range of products available for varied purposes. Broadly the face serums are categorized as follows:

  • Anti-ageing serums
  • Acne-management and prevention serums
  • Hydrating serums
  • Skin-brightening serums
  • Pore-refining serums  

- Anti-ageing serums

‘The Defenders’ by Conscious Chemist, infused with probiotics, is one of the finest anti-ageing serums that can effectively combat fine lines, and dull and sagging skin. It consists of retinol that promotes collagen production and multi-peptide technology that can help unveil youthful skin by efficiently working on fine lines, and wrinkles.

- Acne management and prevention serum

‘Flashfix’ by Conscious Chemist is formulated with Salicylic acid serum, lactic acid, and other potent plant extracts. The serum can do wonders for stressed skin, regulate excess sebum production, purify pores and prevent acne and other skin breakouts. 

This serum can be used daily on even sensitive skin. Regular usage detoxifies the skin, reduces blemishes and exudes healthy and youthful skin.

- Hydrating Serums

If you are someone with parched skin who has tried drinking tall glasses of water or putting yourself through a humidifier, the ‘Hydro +’ serum can achieve the impossible for you.

It is formulated with hyaluronic acid serum, ceramide complex, and marine algae extract that can help lock the moisture in your skin, enhance elasticity and rejuvenate dull skin.

- Skin-brightening serums

Vivid C Pro-Collagen Serum is the right choice if you have been yearning for a dark circle remover or a potion to combat hyper-pigmentation. The serum is infused with Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin E, and other natural ingredients that can combat oxidative stress, revive the skin’s elasticity and boost healthy collagen production.

- Pore-refining serums

‘Trubiom’ by Conscious Chemist is packed with Pre + Probiotics & Vitamin B3 that help boost your skin’s immunity and resistance to cell damage. It repairs and restores the skin barrier and helps maintain healthy and radiant skin.


Face serums are skin-care formulations that are designed to tackle most of your skin concerns, improve the health and texture of your skin and make it supple and radiant. Conscious Chemist has a fantastic range of potent face serums that can address your specific beauty and skin concerns. You can rest assured that our products entail a safe and clean formulation, and are dermatologically tested and cruelty-free. They are suitable for all genders, ages, and skin types. 

 Set all your worries aside, and delve into the world of Conscious Chemists to give your skin the finest care and love that it deserves!



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