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Easiest ways to get rid of sunken eyes

by Conscious Chemist on March 14, 2023

Do your eyes always seem tired, and exhausted? Are you sick and tired of people pointing that out all the time? Sunken eyes are called tear trough hollows medically and refer to dark circles or visible blood vessels under your eyes that appear sunken or pulled inwards. Usually occurring in old age, they can also be indicative of a messy lifestyle or considerable health concerns if it persists over a longer period of time. This makes the eyes look exhausted and hollow, but mostly sleep deprived. In addition to old age, they are also caused by a variety of factors such as dehydration, weight loss, lack of sleep, tiredness, insufficient sleep, and an altogether messy sleep schedule. 

On a side note, water is easily the most prominent cause of most skin concerns. So our genuine request would start with drinking at least 2 liters a day to give your skin the support it needs. 

Does all of this sound familiar? Worry not! We have compiled a list of ways to get rid of them asap so you can restore the beauty of your skin in no time.

Underrated Health Lifestyle

Firstly, it is important to establish the importance of healthy lifestyle decisions. Sleeping on time, eating healthy food which includes green vegetables and essential fruits, maintaining a regular skincare routine, keeping yourself hydrated, applying sunscreen daily, and investing in beneficial body products are among the many things that you should be particularly careful about to balance out the equilibrium of your body. Your skin needs a certain quantity of certain essentials to survive and truly thrive. If it does not get the required nutrition, it will eventually face problems that might progressively worsen with age. 

Maintaining your lifestyle, however often repeated, is truly necessary for your body to flourish and function properly, without any obstacles whatsoever. 

These will not only keep your skin healthy but also ensure you don’t have to deal with the most negative repercussions of issues such as sunken eyes even in your older days. 

Vitamin Deficiency? 

Lack of Vitamin C and K and iron can lead to sunken eyes and even otherwise, sunken eyes are mostly the products of undernutrition. While Vitamin C helps in the absorption of iron and leads to less bruising, Vitamin K helps in blood clotting which lessens the prominence of blood vessels in the eyes, thus decreasing the overall appearance of sunken eyes greatly.

Regulate the consumption of these, after being guided accordingly via your family doctor/dermatologist to solve the problems they might be causing. Vitamin C is, in any case, extremely healthy for the body. 

Watch Your Caffeine  

Do you drink at least 2-3 cups of black coffee a day? Please stop as soon as you can, if you do. High caffeine consumption makes the skin look dull and dry and can have supremely negative outcomes if not dealt with in time. Reduce your caffeine intake if you’ve caught yourself being too dependent on it, to ensure it does not take away the protection system your skin always has on itself. 

You can replace your coffee consumption with caffeine-less tea which is also truly healthy for your skin and has soothing properties that will also calm you down mentally.

Under Eye Serums Do Work 

Buy genuinely scientifically backed under eye creams to be equipped with the most incredibly necessary form of eye care ever. Our eye treatment serum, in particular, has encapsulated caffeine that serves your skin by providing it with essential nutrients throughout the day and acts as the savior of your skin by moisturizing it in whatever capacity necessary.

It also aids the reduction of wrinkles, has no artificial fragrance and is gender neutral! Vitamin C under eye creams are incredibly beneficial as well and have tremendously positive results. They increase the elasticity and firmness around the eyes too. 

Furthermore, you can also invest in other medicinal remedies such as topical creams, azelaic acid, fillers etc to aid the process of fast recovery.


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