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Don't let jet lag wreck your skin! Our Top Picks For Rejuvenating Skin Care On-The-Go

by Conscious Chemist on April 14, 2023

‘To travel is to live’, as it is said!

And to support the popular saying, no wonder traveling is great. It makes you experience and learn so much about life in general. However, the long hours that are consumed in order to reach a certain place sometimes suck the fun out of it. They can make you feel tired physically and also take a toll on your skin. Your body can find it difficult to sleep, build concentration and have a sense of fatigueness almost all times of the day. These symptoms on the body are so intense for you to ignore the effect it has on your skin and that is possibly why skin problems become of less importance when dealing with jet-lag.

So how does your skin become a victim of jet lag? Sitting in cabins with high pressure re-circulated air that is very low in terms of humidity, aka dry air which drops the moisture levels in the skin and causes dryness. Being possibly 40,000 feet up also exposes the skin to UV rays through glass windows which again is alarming for the skin. Next up, flying to different areas comes with climate change and time zone change which affects the sleep cycle and that directly means sleep deprived skin. For all these reasons, it is of utmost importance to have travel skincare and travel friendly skincare products. They may effectively prevent and beat the dull skin signs served by the long hauls and extensive travel hours.

Hydrate and Hydrate

Airplanes are very dry which makes your skin and lips feel dry as well. The key is to consume possibly hundreds of gallons of water, kid you not, drink any amount of water higher than your usual consumption. Alcohol might be tempting but refrain from having it before you board the flight since it is a renowned element to cause dehydration in the body. The pro tip will be to eat a water-rich diet before 24 hours of your flight and drink plenty of water before and during the flight so that there’s enough hydrating content in your system to overcome the dry aircraft atmosphere. 

To support your skin’s health during travel, use humectants that tap the water in your skin and prevent it from drying. Oily skin friends usually complain to have oilier skin during traveling but whatever the case may be, hydrating serum is the way to go. Conscious Chemist Hydro+ Multi Hyaluronic Serum is packed with Ceramide Complex and 3% Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates deep and hydrates every layer of the skin intensely. It glides and absorbs easily onto the skin leaving it extremely hydrated, plumper and fuller. The hydrating serum replenishes the lost moisture and enables the skin to hold water all-day long, perfect for managing dull, dry and excessive oiliness on the skin.

Strong Skin Barrier Is Strong Skin Defence

Airplane is a tiny space to accommodate a lot of passengers so there is an abundance of fussiness that can contribute to skin exhaustion. But if you have a strong skin barrier then the amount of damage the external environment can cause can be less to negligible. Go in with a lightweight moisturizer because you do not want any product sitting on your face and clogging your pores during the flight. You also might as well skip wearing makeup until absolutely necessary. Unless you’re one of the crews, makeup shall definitely be avoided while traveling since it can hold onto the dirt present in the environment and mess up with the skin barrier. It is a perfect storm for acne, inflammation and breaking down the collagen buildup in your skin. 

Wearing Conscious Chemist Vivid-C Moisturizer which is a vitamin C cream that protects and strengthens your skin barrier is definitely recommended. It has polyglutamic acid which is supremely hydrating and relieves the skin from any dryness. It is a lightweight vitamin C moisturizer with SPF 30 that gives an instant radiance to the skin so that you look fresh even when you land from a 48 hours flight.

Eye Product Is Essential

Under eye dark circles always inhibit the skin to look refreshed. The baggy eyes can be developed because of various reasons such as not sleeping enough or not hydrating your skin and body enough. And having to travel long hours without sleeping enough is only going to promote it even more; but that does not mean they cannot be controlled and your eyes are going to look this way forever. Opt for a specific eye product that targets the concerns and aims to solve them efficiently. 

Conscious Chemist Eye Treatment Serum is the best under eye cream for dark circles out there that effectively pacifies the appearances of baggy eyes. It has encapsulated caffeine, vitamin C and peptides that manage dark circles, reduce puffiness and delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. The roll-on application makes the serum easily blend onto the skin and provides visibly even-tone, plumper skin.  

Never Skip SPF

How can we skip this part of the skincare routine when you are literally going up close to the sun. We know that we recommended a moisturizer with SPF but that nowhere means you can skip the SPF altogether. Sunrays have the potential to touch your skin through the glass windows of the aircraft and cause damage to the cells. Therefore, using a moisturizer with SPF and then also applying a dedicated layer of SPF should be a must-have on your travel skin care routine. Conscious Chemist Sundrink Hybrid Gel Non-Greasy Sunscreen has ceramide complex that helps to strengthen and firm the skin barrier. The SPF power is at 50 to provide maximum sun protection to the skin and prevent sunburns and sun tan.  

Moisturize Your Body Too

Yes, face is first of our visibility but we cannot be much ignorant towards our body skin. Just as the skin of our face suffers, our body skin also gets dehydrated and loses moisture. Lather your skin with Conscious Chemist Rapid Repair Retinol Body Treatment which is a retinol body cream that also consists of hyaluronic acid that nourishes the skin and locks in moisture. Massage it deeply onto your skin to provide long lasting hydration to it. The formula also treats saggy and wrinkled skin, delaying the onset of aging effectively!


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