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Your Guide To Post-Workout Skincare

by Conscious Chemist on April 17, 2023

Working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts for your skin. The benefits of regular exercise are immense and therefore, it comes under the ‘essentials’ bracket when we talk about wholesome skincare. It helps you manage stress-related hormone cortisol that potentially leads you to having breakouts and damage collagen buildup. While the skincare nerds might be already aware of what a good level of collagen can do to your skin; for those who are still learning, excellent collagen amounts in your skin delay the onset of aging, firm and tone the skin preventing wrinkles and sagging. Exercise also boosts blood circulation on your skin, adding an iridescent radiance to the skin. And oh those endorphins! How a good workout session can make you happy is unbeatable. 

BUT, (there’s always a but), if you fail to have an explicit post-workout skincare then who knows these benefits can in turn add more harm than value. Your skin acts like a swamped bed that attracts dirt and bacteria when it has sweat on it for long. The pores capture all the germs and pollutants surrounding and give them a platform to breed which can in turn cause breakouts or various skin infections. Therefore, you need to get out of your sweaty skin as soon as you can and hop on your post-workout skincare. 

It can be overwhelming to form a full-fledged separate routine when you are already having an elucidated day and night time skincare. So, here is a guide for your puzzled self to understand what you need to do for your skin post-workout.

Get Out Of Your Workout-Wear

Combination of gym leggings and sports bra are definitely cute but those body hugging and sweat trapping materials are unfortunately not the best choice of clothing for your skin. Your skin needs to breathe in order to evaporate the sweat but those tight, moisture absorbing clothing doesn’t let it do so. They trap the sweat, moisture, and oil instigating the skin cells to burst into body acne. The sweaty skin also acts like a bacteria-breeding foundation for acne and skin infections. Which is why you must take a shower and change your clothes as soon as you get done with your workout.

Change your clothing to something cotton comfortable clothing so that your skin has enough space and time to breathe, evaporating the sweat. Even after a shower, your skin can tend to feel heated; therefore, prefer loose clothing post-gym for your skin to relax.

Face Wash Is The First Step

Washing your face makes you feel a lot better and relaxed as it is super-refreshing in more than one way. As fitness is forever, so is face wash in the daily skincare routine. Clean your face as soon as possible to get rid of impurities and prevent breakouts. Sweat is composed of oil, water and salt which can clog your pores and also decrease the skin hydration levels. Washing your skin as the first step will rejuvenate, refresh and energize the skin cells. You can opt for our berry bright face cleanser that reduces pores and effectively unclogs them. It is a brightening face wash that deeply cleanses the skin and gets rid of the sweat causing bacteria without disrupting your skin’s natural protective barrier.

Slide Away The Scrub

Drop the idea of scrubbing post gym; solely because your skin is super delicate and prone to damage. The pores are open and releasing a lot of sweat which makes them sensitive to micro-abrasion. The smart choice is to pick a gentle cleanser for face with effective actives that get the skin rid of the sweat and bacteria. But if you are so keen on scrubbing and to have an elaborated skincare session, then you can opt for our Berry Bright Mask instead. A face mask is an ideal option than a face scrub post gym as it will help the skin cells to calm down and relax. Berry Bright Mask is also the best pore minimizer there is to be since it consists of Niacinamide that reduces redness, inflammation and appearance of pores. 

Use A Serum

Applying a serum post your workout session is extremely nourishing for the skin. It pacifies the skin cells and instills a natural glow to the skin. With all the adrenaline rush in your body, our Pore Refining Serum which is a blend of Niacinamide really works well and helps your skin to boost cell turnover and escalate the healing abilities of the skin cells. An ideal pore minimizer serum is all that you need to include in your post-workout skincare to hydrate and nurture it. 

Serum is also suggested because your skin can feel deprived of the nutrients post-workout and since serum is the potent formulation of any ingredient; it is undoubtedly the best way to feed food your skin is hungry for. Niacinamide face serum is a great suggestion here because open pores are one big problem when you are working out and it acts as the best pore minimizer.

Skin Also Means Body Skin

Looking after your skin does not only mean looking after your face, the term ‘skin’ also means to look after your body skin. A major chunk of people skip out and usually procrastinate on having to shower post-gym. Their focus is mostly on the face which is why body acne today is more common than ever. Sweaty skin is a galore to many skin infections caused by fungus and bacteria breeding on the skin. You must take a steamy shower post-workout to kill all the germs and budding bacteria on your body. Showering also helps your muscle to recover and curb soreness which enables you to bounce back easily onto your routine. 

Do not forget to moisturize with Superdew Intensive Hydrating Body Cream post-shower that moisturizes the skin and hydrates it. The replenishing ceramides heals damaged skin and heat rashes caused by working out. Packed with nourishing ingredients, it soothes the skin like none other body cream out there!


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