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How To Reduce Under-Eye Wrinkles In Your 20's?

by Conscious Chemist on January 16, 2023

Your under-eye skin area is the place where your first signs of aging begin to show. Do you have an irregular lifestyle and are not consuming proper meals, in addition to not following adequate water intake and self-care? While you can conveniently get away with a bunch of junk food in your day-to-day life when you are in your early 20s, but eventually you will need to maintain a healthy schedule to balance out the possible health repercussions of that. If you don’t, you will end up with eye bags, dark circles, pores, and worst of all, eye wrinkles. And we are sure you definitely do not want that!

Maintain! Your! Skincare! Routine!

Are you often too tired after a long day at work? Can’t seem to give your skin the time it needs to come back to life with unparalleled freshness because laziness refuses to stop crawling in? Your skin has a layer of dirt especially after it has been exposed to the sun for too long and that only ends up adding on to the list of skin problems you might find yourself facing on a daily basis. 

No matter how much effort or time it takes, or how tired you are, ensure you don’t cut back on your daily skincare routine with the best anti-aging cream and more. Give it enough time to return back to its original glow! Wash your face with a skin suited cleanser to get rid of the layer of makeup on your skin properly, then scrub off any leftover layers of dirt. Avoid using scrub if you’re prone to acne, though. Let a nice water-based toner follow next and then finish it off with a moisturizer. 

Most importantly, acquaint yourself with your skin type and invest in the right products so your skin actually has what it needs to begin healing. If you use a product that probably worked well for your friend, it does not mean it is going to work well for you too. So you need to be sure that your routine is customized and only has ingredients that are perfect for your skin concerns!

Time To Be Besties With Your Under-Eye Cream

If you’re dealing with aging issues currently and have bothersome eye wrinkles that make your loved ones ask you if you’re doing okay all the time, you must feel absolute frustration. Thankfully, they can be dealt with if in addition to maintaining your lifestyle, you also invest in good, beneficial skin products. Under-eye creams are one of the best anti-aging creams and should be your go-to products for attaining a sufficient response to issues such as wrinkles, sunken eyes and annoying eye bags that make your skin seem unhealthy.  

Add Retinol To Your Regime

Extremely healthy for the skin, retinol cream aids skin recovery by altering the behavior of skin cells, thus also providing efficiency and texture to it. It also mostly increases collagen production which accelerates skin renewal and reduces the effects of aging while targeting uneven skin tone and age spots. Retinol moisturizer for face instantly hydrates your skin and works like a magic herb, rapidly improving the quality of your skin so you wake up with firmer, softer and more lifted skin goals. 

-Anti-Aging Serum 

A good, working anti aging face serum is perfectly capable of fading fine lines and wrinkles and renews the skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and also restores your skin’s elasticity, making it appear firmer and younger than ever before. It soothes irritated or dry skin as well, helping in the rebuilding of the skin’s natural barrier.  

Sunscreen Supremacy All The Way

UV radiations are always dangerous, no matter how mellow the weather seems to you. Most people assume they need sunscreen cream only during summers but they couldn’t be more wrong. Are you one of them too? If the answer is yes, please pick up your sunscreen again and make it a part of your daily schedule. UV radiations tend to be most dangerous when the ozone layer is at its thinnest, which is during winter months. Thus, it is when you need protection from the sun the most to prevent your skin from showing signs of aging too soon. 

Sunscreen also keeps even the most annoying wrinkles at bay, aiding the health of your skin and thus your entire body. It decreases the breakdown of collagen which leads to wrinkles, helps in the prevention of sunburn and thus keeps skin cancer out of the loop of possibilities. Make sure to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 at least for optimal sun protection!

Consume foods rich in antioxidants

Leafy green vegetables, fruits especially with Vitamin C, berries, nuts and seeds among others have rich antioxidants that help maintain the vibrancy, vitality and look of the skin while also working on its health. This is also what makes them your go-to solution for the reduction of extremely annoying wrinkles, especially under your eyes. We are sure you might have heard this a million times now that ‘you are what you eat’ so pay attention closely to your consumption!

A Very Good Night’s Sleep

Are you also one of those people who don’t sleep for more than 6 hours a day and then spend their entire time dappling with sleep deprivation? If your answer is yes, please go take a fulfilling nap right now. In addition to healing your mental health or at least providing some element of rest to it, a good night’s sleep is tremendously important for your physical health too. We cannot stress enough on the ever-increasing significance of it. 

A study observed that people who do not get enough sleep have visible effects of the same on their faces. Thus, it is necessary for everyone to sleep for at least 8-9 hours a day to aid the rejuvenation of their skin and maintain the equilibrium. 

Conclusively, while eye wrinkles can have a very unavoidable aftermath on your face, you can still prevent them in your early 20s if you take care of yourselves in your entirety. Maintain your schedule, take out time to be nice to yourself, follow your skincare routine, invest in the products that match your skin type, consume healthy meals and ensure you sleep well too! 


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