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Why is Sundrink Sunscreen from Conscious Chemist Trending?

by Conscious Chemist on January 11, 2023

Equipped with the most essential hydrating and nourishing nutrients that are nothing less than a boon for the skin, sunscreens are highly recommended for daily use regardless of the weather or time outside. Our skin is always exposed to the sun, and thus its harmful UV radiations, when we’re outside. The weather does not matter as long as it is daytime and the sky is still relatively lighter in color. Worried about your skin and wish to ensure it stays healthy for as long as possible? Perhaps the biggest difference you can make to it, in the most positive manner ever, is by making sunscreen cream application each morning a part of your schedule. No matter how much of a hurry you are in or how little time you have, ensure you douse your exposed body parts with just the right amount of sunscreen to keep your skin protected and healthy throughout.

good sunscreen contains within itself a sufficient amount of SPF, which should ideally exceed 30 and is capable of providing ultimate protection from the sun which will automatically lead to the prevention of signs of aging, reduction in chances of you getting skin cancer and also discoloration, and an overall decrease in annoying issues such as inflammation, redness, itching and dryness.

Conscious Chemist’s Sun Drink Hybrid Lightweight Gel Sunscreen SPF50 PA++++

This is a daily, supreme protection offering sunscreen that has been crafted and launched by us, keeping in mind the regular skin texture and its exposure to the sun; adding to other general requirements. Most customers have been tremendously satisfied with the quality of the product and have spoken in great detail about how gentle and suitable for all skin types it is, ranging from overly sensitive to completely normal. The SPF 50 sunscreen cream can blend smoothly with your other make-up products and is a blessing in disguise owing to its non-sticky effective result showing properties. 

But it would be unfair to just conclude about it by what we have mostly heard and not talk about the explicit information of the product that makes it a champion. Powered by Ceramide Complex and Milk Thistle extract; it is soothing ceramide sunscreen and a dosage of refreshment. It comfortably shields your skin from the sharp sun and effectively strengthens the skin barrier. To cover more, stay hooked and keep reading!

Oh Those Ingredients! 

This oil free sunscreen and non-sticky sunscreen uses double gel technology to befriend the skin instantly without affecting it too much. It settles on the skin and gives a dewy look in the beginning which gets more subtle by time. The cream is a sunscreen without white cast whatsoever and in fact, has a very natural appearance that makes it so evidently popular among our customers. The ceramide sunscreen and antioxidant complex present in it provide intensive hydration and thus, protection from free radical damage.

The sunscreen cream also has a high amount of antioxidants that allow your skin to breathe even in the most polluted places that you find yourself in against your will, owing to either office work or important errands. The streets of Delhi being one good example of the same, always. On such occasions,  a good sunscreen will be your friend and Sun Drink? Your best friend. 

All The Pros

It has ingredients such as carefully selected and picked botanical extracts which soothe your skin as soon as you put it on. This also means it visibly calms down and signs of skin irritation by calming the issue/affected area as soon as it is applied to it. It is recommended for oily, shiny and combination skin types but can also be used on dry skin, albeit in a higher amount. 


It is almost unreal how quickly it gets absorbed and fades into your skin magically. For some it might not feel like a biggie but our brown skin lovelies know how most sunscreens in the market crop their requirements out. Tons of formulations skip out the dark complexion needs which end up giving them a chalky look post sunscreen application. And we like to believe that nobody wants to look ghostly! So our Sundrink is a sunscreen without white cast and it melts onto your skin like a dream.


Feeling loaded on your skin is the last thing you will want when headstarting your day. To beat that, our sunscreen is a refreshing formula that promotes evaporation of sweat so you do not feel overheated. Although it has a dewy finish, Sundrink yet manages to be an ideal lightweight sunscreen for oily skin types and moreover control the excess oil production throughout the day. The Olive Squalene presence in the product significantly moisturizes and regulates extra oil elsewhere making it an excellent choice for all skin types!


While the myth seems to revolve that sunscreen cream might not be the one for acne prone skin but what remains common is the effect of sun rays over all skin types. Sunscreen is an essential part of your daily skincare routine regardless of your skin type. However, when you have acne prone or sensitive skin, you need to be more cautious and mindful as to what properties you shall look out for in a product. And a product that is non-comedogenic sunscreen certainly tops that list. Thankfully, Sundrink has all the components that are organically non-comedogenic which does not clog the pores automatically!

How To Use

Apply it to your skin in sufficient quantity judging by the amount your skin needs to meet its hydration and nourishment requirements of the day. Rub it gently all over your face and hands and massage it to ensure it seeps into your skin You can also follow this with makeup or mix it with your foundation, whatever method works best for you is perfectly normal and should be executed.

Finally, wait for 15-20 minutes so your skin absorbs it properly and only then go out in the sun. Watch the magic happen! You will certainly have no complaints whatsoever.  


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