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Manage Your Oily T-Zone This Monsoon

by Conscious Chemist on October 04, 2022
oily skin

If you are someone who has oily or combination skin type, then you do not need much introduction since you must be familiar with the concept of T-zone already. But in case you are not, then imagine resonating with the letter ‘T’ and sketching it on your face. Yep, exactly, it is the forehead, nose and chin area that makes up to the letter ‘T’ on your face. 

It is common to struggle with oil, acne or blackheads around this area for most of the people with oily and combination skin types. Oily skin people happen to have an extra oily deposit in these areas; while combination skin types tend to have drier cheeks and oily T-zone. If you can relate yourself with the combination skin properties then you need to categorize your products for the T-zone because you do not want to dry out your cheeks even more while treating acne and blackheads on foreheads, nose or chin. 

Luckily, it is not as complex as it may seem. With a simple consistent skincare routine, you can eliminate the acne, blackheads or oiliness wherever they are, however they are! For combination skin, it might feel a little overwhelming to alternate and run around different products all the time but after some time you will start having fun with it and the benefits will reciprocate all the efforts. 

A Good Face Wash Is Everything

Does not matter if you are oily, combination or whatever skin type, a good old  face wash twice a day is a must for you and your skin. Washing your face twice a day maintains ideal overall health of your skin and is also super refreshing. We need a face cleanse to keep the oil buildup at bay and also remove the impurities and residue from time to time. 

Using the right cleansers are also a deal breaker. Cleanser for oily skin should usually be gentle with powerful exfoliating ingredients and when dealing with combination skin, make sure to use a cleanser with pore refining properties. Face wash for oily skin is best suitable in gel or foam consistency and never in a cream or oil based formulation. 

Check Out Your SPF Formulation

If you are breaking out and you possibly think it is because of SPF then you need to reconsider the SPF base instead of SPF entirely. Sun protection is a huge slice of your skincare routine pizza but if you use a SPF that is oil or cream based then the chances are it is a big villain right now. Try out SPFs that are gel or powder based as they will help your skin get rid of excess oil and decrease the promotion of oil generation. 

When looking for a SPF, you can also look out for SPFs that incorporate hydration and calmness for your skin to rejuvenate and rest up during the day as well. Even the combination skin people can hop onto the similar SPF because eventually if you have dry skin around cheeks, a plump of hydration will soothe it all.

Bag A Toner Everywhere

Toners make up the best product lineup when it comes to the cleaning of made up mess. You can carry it and use it all day long whenever you start to get the hint of excess oil buildup in your T-zone. It is not only really helpful in brushing off the oil but also provides a nice dose of refreshment whenever you may. But you need to be assiduous while purchasing one as most of them, yes even those that say ‘alcohol free’, do contain some amount of alcohol concentrate in them.

Browse enough and find a toner that is formulated for oily and acne prone skin. The one that tightens the pores and max out when fighting dirt deposits and oiliness living in your T-zone pores. Your toner should be able to understand your pores and help you with the concern accordingly so make sure you do your homework well before going all in for it!

Chemical Exfoliators Are Cool

Effective exfoliation is necessary to combat excessive oiliness and clear the pores from deep within. Contrarily, being gentle is also equally necessary when doing so. Physical exfoliators or scrubs can be too hard when you are living with painful acne, they moreover can aggravate it. You do not want to instigate the production of it by being harsh on your skin and this is when you make use of chemical exfoliators.

Ingredients like Niacinamide or Vitamin C can help you achieve your clear T-zone goals without going all commando on it. They are gentle and they definitely do the trick for you, especially Niacinamide; it minimizes pores and works on extra oil deposits. You can use them in serum formulations or moisturizer for combination skin or oily skin or however you find them but make sure to try your hands on them! But again! Be consistent!

Pore Strips Work Sometimes

Over the years, this one might have gained some bad faith but you cannot deny that it does not work at all. It does work sometimes! Especially, when your plan is to get rid of blackheads, you’ll see it ripping them off easily. But importantly, it strongly matters how you use them and practice it into your routine.

The tip is to always handle them with care, always! Although they are a temporary fix but it is still quite effective and lasts well for an adequate amount of time. What you can do while choosing pore strips, is finding the ones that are acne skin friendly. Also, use a toner right after stripping so that you do not leave any residue behind and the pores are sealed back. You also need to be super careful with pulling it off because you do not want to go in for any damage. So people who generally aren’t this careful while pulling it are the ones who complain about the adversity of it! Make sure you do not fall in that category and can have fun with it whenever you want to.


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