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by Conscious Chemist on October 04, 2022
Night creams

Night time is like the mega skincare time, there we said it! Because as we have learned that our body rests and heals when we sleep, so does the skin; and so why not instigate and promote that healing with the products that are going to help fast-forward the process? 

Your skin goes into the reset mode as soon as you shut your eyes and get into that deep sleep which is when the repair session begins! As much as we like to believe that one size fits all, it is sadly something that isn’t as credible as we would want it to be. And with our skin, it is always more dynamic and more personalized.

With our day time products, there are a lot of environmental stressors to huddle the effect of them but with our night time products it is not the case. The nutrients of our night time products actually penetrate deep and work better because we are not wearing any makeup and we are away from all the hustle and chaos of outside so they work their magic while we’re asleep!

So that pretty much sums us up to the answer of ‘why we need separate skincare for separate times’. But even when we got everything figured out, it still can get a little hazy on which product or ingredient to be specific to classify into day time or night time. And even when we are just assimilating, lining up all the products to level up our skin game and gauging them into an ultimate routine can feel a bit overwhelming suddenly. Here’s why we got our super-senses activated and shortlisted some tips for you to help in forming a structured night skincare routine so keep reading!

Get Off Your Makeup Always

Now this one sounds like the most obvious one and we are sure you have heard this one time and again, but seriously cannot stop stressing on this one! Use a gentle cleanser that doesn’t rip off your skin’s moisture and make sure you are circling it well leaving no makeup trace behind. 

It might not seem like a biggie when you are coming home from a long tired day but you must understand that your skin has also had a lot of that day and it needs some time off to relax. When the makeup is sitting over the skin; it is inhibiting the skin’s ability to breathe, it is throttling it by the neck which gives you a frustrated red inflamed acne skin. So always make sure you are cleansing your skin enough before hitting the bed!

Might Use A Toner

Toner has been a part of the biggest skincare debate ever. One half of the world swears by it and the other one thinks it is totally useless. For what it is worth, it can really be helpful when you can’t seem to take off the glittery makeup even after a nice face wash session. Especially for the oily skin friends, your skin can hug the dust or makeup particles sometime so toner is definitely a great idea to kick them off. 

Additionally, it is also great to balance the skin pH level and help you have an ideal moisture balance. Make sure to run by the ingredients and choose an alcohol-free toner for yourself. Alcohol can be very hard on your skin and the cheap ones usually have some concentration so watch out!

Treat It With Treatment

Now that you have hundred percent clean skin, it is time you dose your skin with some treatment formula that fixes your concerns or just work on the betterment of it in general. Whether it is a face serum or a prescription product, now is when you apply for them to work their magic.

You can try your hands on retinol face serum which is a form of Vitamin A. It helps your skin to exfoliate and increase collagen production which in turn works on fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol serum works best during the night time as they like being undisturbed and it also might take you a few weeks to witness the spell of it but just be consistent and you’ll have it!

Try An Eye Serum

To start with, all eye products aren’t completely bogus! Some really do the job well but yes they are hard to find undoubtedly. But once you do, you will know about their endless capabilities. Specifically for preventive eye treatment, it does keep the wrinkles and fine lines at bay. And concentrated retinol serum for eyes is even better when you want to pull it off. Just be careful enough to maintain some distance between the product and eyes to avoid the irritation.

Moisturize And Voila!

A night cream is essential to seal the ingredients and rejuvenate the skin contrarily. To maintain the health of your skin, you need to go for a hydrating moisturizer at night that does not clog your pores since you are already layering it up with quite a few products. So maybe something that contains Hyaluronic Acid would fit best for night time creams making it an ideal choice! 

Mask If You Want To

Not everyday you have enough time to indulge in a masking routine but on days when you wish to relax, why not give a shot of concentrated ingredients in a soothing mask to your skin? There’s a mask for every skin concern, so if you are dry skin type then you can consider going for a hydrating face mask and our oily friends can hit it up with the clay masks. Masks are generally very effective when followed in a religious routine because as they say, ‘good things take time’. So mask up whenever you have time and relax for a while!


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